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A (prime) cut above the rest: Brian Etherington

These are just three of the MANY reasons why we’re proud to have Brian Etherington Meats gracing the Mannings menu:

Locally reared and rare: Why have normal when you can have extraordinary? Brian Etherington is excellent at sourcing any succulent, specialist requests from the Mannings chefs and we are confident that the meat is always the finest quality.

Check out our peppered pork and blue cheese melt – it’s to die for.

View for the future: One of the reasons we pair with these meaty men is the Etherington Butchery Academy. This bespoke, butchery school teaches up and coming chefs everything from knife handling and how to make sausages to the different delicious cuts.

Awards: Brian Etherington’s recent Butcher of the Month award from Q Guild shows they put as much passion into their pork (oh, behave!) as we do charisma into our cocktails.

If you haven’t tried an Etherington steak then you haven’t lived! Whether it’s Sirloin or Ribeye, the secret is in the succulence! Book a table at Mannings to see what we’re talking about…