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Coffee at Mannings – How do you like yours?

Coffee is a very personal thing, and having it poured, steamed or frothed just the way you like it can either make or break your day. We’ve put our beans to the grindstone to give you a quick rundown of just some of the caffeinated creations available at Mannings.


The name ‘cappuccino’ originates from 17th Century Capuchin monks and the colour of their robes, and we’re religious that our ‘ccinos are of the highest quality.

Altogether now, espresso, milk, foam…wherever you may roam!


Simple but hugely effective, the latte is coffee and milk at its finest. Simply choose your shots (espresso that is), and let the relaxing, unadulterated daytime pleasure of hot milk and coffee work its magic.


Ideal for those with a sweet tooth, a mocha (or mocha latte, mochaccino, choca-mocha – ok so maybe not that last one) is a latte with a chocolate spring in its step.

Is hot chocolate a little tame for you? You obviously haven’t tried one of ours, but fear not – the mocha is for you!


You know what? Sometimes a coffee isn’t what you need. Sometimes the only way to unwind is with a good pot brewing to the side of you and a best friend across the table.

Morning blend, Earl Grey, herbal, specialty…we have the leaves to please!

Flat White

We’ve heard that a flat white’s aim is to pack as flavoursome a punch as possible into a smaller cup – and we’d have to agree.

Sometimes mistaken for a tiny latte, the flat white is better seen as a petite, more delicate, yet just as assertive little sister to its larger, milkier sibling.


At Mannings we have two coffees for the price of one between 3-6pm, every single day until the end of January. So if you’re in the city, bring a friend!

(After all, we couldn’t possibly condone having two coffees to yourself…or could we?)