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Date Night – First Date Tips

The Mannings team prides itself on its ability to inject a little extra romance into a night in the city. When a couple steps through our doors, it’s only a matter of time before they’re wooed by our cocktails, flirting over appetizers, and sharing eye contact over sticky puddings…

But we know that sometimes, people need help. So we’re here, to offer you our top tips for a first date. If you really want to treat someone to a fantastic Date Night in the city, take a look at our Date Night package, here.

1) Don’t Get Too Tipsy

There’s nothing worse than being nervous – we know! But if you have a little Dutch courage, try and take it easy on the date, no one likes a drunken kiss at the end of the night – keep things classy.

2) Look Forward, Not Back

So we might have all been guilty of living in the past occasionally, but try not to mention your ex on a first date. Or maybe even the second, third, fourth or fifth – it’s a real turn off.

3) It’s Not an Inquisition

So many people go on a first date and grill their partner with questions. It tends to give off the feeling of a job interview, and everyone just wants to let their hair down on a Saturday night, not be reminded of work!

4) Try to Keep it Cool

You might be really proud of your new Porsche, or thrilled that you’ve been promoted to the head of the company, but bragging about yourself isn’t going to work in your favour. Just make sure you highlight interesting things about you, not just listing every impressive thing you’ve ever done – it comes across as insecure.

5) Be Positive!

This can’t be underrated – positive people are magnetic and no one appreciates a list of negative comments about an ex or just life in general when they’re trying to get to know you and have a fun time. So don’t complain, try and focus on good things, and watch them be drawn to you.

If you’ve got any first date tips you’d like to add to our list, head on over to our Facebook or Twitter pages and give us a shout! Alternatively, woo your partner with a night of romance in the city; take a look at what our Date Night package offers to help you get lucky in love.

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