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Dirty Stopout’s Guide to Cocktails

With our special ‘Dirty Stopout’ cocktail offer in full force, we’ve taken a fun look into which characters suit which flavours.

The question is; which one are you?

The Socialite: Raspberry & Lychee Bellini

Fresh fruit flavours and champagne layers, this is the chatty, happy, know-everybody. First to arrive and last to leave, the person to get the down-low on everything down-town!

The Old Soul: Old Fashioned

One of Head Barman Sam Spencer’s favourites, quoted as being “a work of art” – certainly a choice cocktail for those who enjoy the finer aspects of life. Laid back, refined, a proper gent – mysterious, masculine and a regular at Mannings!

The Gossip: Espresso Martini

The energetic, the vivacious, the OMG, she did WHAT?! If it happened she knows it. Find her creating a buzz in the bar – energy levels always at a maximum.

The Beauty Queen: Chelsea Rose

With delicate tastes of apple, raspberry and elderflower liqueur this is the object of every man’s desire. She’s beautiful, glamorous, elegant with a perfect manicure. Order her this and get the barman to bring it to her – that should do it…

The sober, but not serious: Apricot and Apple Iced Tea

One for the driver with a touch of class. Apricot jam, apple juice, lemon and sugar with freshly poured tea. Perhaps not as wild because behind the wheel, this is the only one who will still remember what happened the following day, making them the most important of all when you’ve forgotten!

Our ‘Dirty Stopout’ offer involves a special Mannings cocktail on promotion every Friday from 4-7pm, see you at the bar!