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Introducing Joe

Our new menu has gone live and we’re receiving rave reviews about it already! We’re not ones to namedrop but even Jay Rayner had a thing or two to say about our superb cuisine so we decided to speak to the man behind the menu; our Head Chef– Joe Brimson. Joe has worked for Mannings for 10 years which is quite something! He’s certainly made his mark at Mannings, that’s for sure! We touched base with Joe in-between service to have a chat about his culinary vision and his inspiration behind the new menu:


Hey Joe! Tell us about the new menu:


The new menu is a combination of different influences including a Thai/Asian fusion as well as what our customers want. For example, the Tempura and Goujons have been staples on the menu for years because they are simply so popular. What I’m really excited about is our grill section, you won’t find anything like it in Truro, for sure! We use lots of locally reared meats and everything is sourced locally where possible, making the most of what’s seasonal eg lobster, crab claws and mussels for our summer specials!


If you could only recommend one dish from the new menu what would it be and why?


The Beef Wellington – it is cooked to perfection and it’s something you won’t really see around as it’s an old school dish but we’ve brought it bang up to date! It’s the most succulent tender beef fillet with puff pastry served with buttery mash – it’s very indulgent and it’s already super popular! People are trying to pre-order it at the weekends to make sure we don’t run out!


What is your favourite meal to make at home?


Executive Chef Scott has taught me lots about Thai but if I’m honest, my heart belongs in India, I like a bit of spice! I love making curries at home.


What is the plan for the Mannings food moving forwards?


We try to cater for everyone at Mannings so on one table they could be enjoying a £12 burger and on the other there could be a £40 lobster, the aim is always to cater for different preferences and to remain accessible so that anybody can try us, we’re not pretentious in any way and we create dishes from every corner of the world! We are not fine dining, we pride ourselves on catering for everyone and offering a hub in the centre of Truro – somewhere you can come with friends or family and just enjoy great food. I’ve built my team from all over the world: I’ve got Steve from California, Louise from New Zealand…I’ve rebuilt the team with experienced, well travelled people which is reflected in the extensive menu.


What is your drink of choice when you go out for dinner?


Personally I like a glass or two of red wine; a rich Rioja, and I always finish my meal with a scotch!


What in your opinion is the ‘new’ Tempura eg the dish that will make the difference and stand the test of time?


I think the Sesame Salmon will be a core staple, it’s been very popular. Also the Bento Boxes will probably be something we continue –it’s a Japanese form of eating – a bit like a tasting box of a specific type of food eg Thai or Indian so you can try lots of different bits.


What is the best dessert on the menu?


For me it has to be the Trifle – it’s really retro, served in a cocktail glass and is a new take on an old dish which is lots of fun!


Where is the best place you’ve ever eaten and why?


It has to be dining on a boat off the coast of Gran Canaria on an excursion. We fished from the boat and then cooked all of the fresh seafood in a big boat BBQ, culminating in a delicious seafood paella – it was a mixture of the weather, the location and the freshness of the food… it was such an incredible experience that will stay with me forever.


As you know, Mannings is full pretty much every Friday and Saturday night all year round and has a strong reputation for food and drink that has lasted 20 years or more. What is it that you think makes Mannings so special?


I think it can be hard to get drink, service and food all married together perfectly – all three need to be right in order to create the perfect culinary experience. At Mannings it just works and is a real team effort! You know you’re going to receive a great welcome, have a fantastic meal and one hell of a good cocktail to top it off – we’re a triple threat!



If that hasn’t tempted you I don’t know what will! We’re pleased to have Joe heading up our kitchen, firing up the flames and serving it in style. Check out our new menu here and book a table to try the new tastes, we promise it will be superb!