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Looking forward to Christmas? Take our Quiz…

Here at Mannings, Truro, we’re all about the festive season. Bring on the mulled wine, mince pies with heaps of Cornish clotted cream, frosty mornings and hearty warm dinners!

But we know it’s not everybody’s thing and that some people dread Christmas for the inevitable festive squabbles that occur when you’re around the table…

So the Mannings team thought we’d offer you a little Christmas quiz to give you a few options when you encounter an awkward situation (no doubt when you’re dressed in your finest Christmas jumper)…

1) Your gran tells you (for the hundredth time) that you’ve gained weight. She insists it can’t just be ‘holiday pounds’ as you haven’t eaten Christmas dinner yet. Do you:

a) Tell her that you were expecting a cold, sparse winter.
b) Smile and head for the liquor bottle, loosening your ridiculously tight snowman themed knit.
c) Imitate her selective hearing trait and tell her thank you, she looks better for a few pounds too!
d) Look forward to dining out in style in the Mannings restaurant in the New Year with no relatives in sight.

2) Your partner buys you a hat with an oversized bobble on it in your least favourite colour. Do you:

a) Be honest, say thank you so much for the thought but it’s really not for you.
b) Wear it, graciously accept everyone’s comments on it, and subtly scratch your head whenever you can – the thing’s really itchy!
c) Tell them you love it and feel grateful that you have someone who cares enough about your temperature in the winter – even if they don’t know your style at all!
d) Look forward to going to Mannings in the New Year when you can take the hat off for a while – it’s not socially acceptable to don headwear in a restaurant after all!

3) Your distant relatives don’t know what to buy you for Christmas, do you:

a) Ask for something that you don’t really want but you probably need, although isn’t them buying you underwear weird?
b) Just tell them to buy you some nice beverages – you’ll need them over Christmas!
c) Ask for socks – your sock mountain has been depleting.
d) Ask for a Mannings restaurant voucher so you and your significant other can head out for a night in the city.

Whatever you do this Christmas, have a wonderful time and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year! If you have a delicious Christmas party at Mannings this year, we’d love to see! Just share a picture on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page!