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Here at Mannings we’re proud of the fresh and interesting boutiques in Truro and we thought we’d introduce you to some of our favourites. This month we spoke with Amber who owns the rather glam Magpie and Fox.

For anyone that doesn’t know, give us a brief history of Magpie and Fox, when did it open and what inspired you to open it?

When I had my son Aubrey a couple of years ago, I needed to make some career decisions. I was working for Seasalt Cornwall at the time as their wholesale account manager. I was heading up their John Lewis accounts, managing the brands in their stores across the UK and selling collections to buyers. I really loved the job and I was extremely passionate about my career, but when I had Aubrey it was difficult to return to a job where I’d be on the road all the time.

It made me think about how I could stay in Cornwall, do what I loved (fashion) and still have a good work/life balance to ensure I was there for my son.

Boutique shopping has always been one of my favourite things; it’s good for the soul! My parents have a second home in Bordeaux and the selection of brands and level of service is unrivalled anywhere else in the world. The whole experience, from the shop assistant to the person who packages your purchases is flawless. They build a relationship with you, making you want to go back time and time again. I believe shopping should be an experience, not just an activity and after a holiday trip to Bordeaux with my mum last year I made the decision to offer that kind of personal service to people in Cornwall, that’s why I opened Magpie and Fox.


We opened in March and we try to go above and beyond with our customers. We have a great team made up of some incredible ladies; we indulge shoppers with personal touches such as Prosecco and treats on a Saturday, and we offer out of hours shopping which lots of mums have found really useful. We don’t want to conform to standard retail. We want to listen to our customers, absorb their feedback and evolve.

You’ve got a great range of products and designers; do you have a personal favourite?

I find it hard to choose, I genuinely love every brand in the boutique! After my son goes to bed, I spend my time researching and hunting out unique brands that are new to Cornwall. I particularly love French brands so I try to go as often as I can, I love visiting London to find the best British brands and this September, I’m travelling to Spain to meet with some amazing designers. We only had a few brands when we launched, but now we’re growing every season to keep a leading edge on fashion in Cornwall.

Magpie and Fox has a great location, what are your favourite things about being based in Truro?

I love Truro, it has such a great vibe, I grew up in Cornwall and after a stint in London, Truro is where I settled. I love the character of the buildings, the cathedral and the quaintness of the cobbled streets. My husband, another Cornish native, and I love the fact that we can walk into the city and find a great selection of bars and restaurants with cocktails that rival London. I also love that I can walk to work!


What do you think the best parts of Cornish life are?

I love that people in Cornwall are so genuine and friendly, the sense of community is astounding and was something that became really noticeable to me when I came back from working in London. Magpie and Fox try to be as involved with the community as possible, we’re currently organising a 5K race! We hold parties and events every few months and we love bringing people together. One of my favourite places to visit it Port Eliot—especially when the festival is on! I think it’s one of the most amazing places in Cornwall, it’s even where I got married!

What’s your favourite Mannings cocktail?

Well, I love champagne so it would have to be your classic champagne cocktail—you can’t beat it!