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Mannings: Living for the Weekender Competition Winner!

Here at Mannings, we recently ran a competition for someone to win a Weekender break at our cosmopolitan Truro hotel. Our lucky winner, Rebecca Harris was kind enough to answer a few questions about her stay with us!

Hi Rebecca! How did you feel when you found out you’d won our #LivingfortheWeekender competition?

I was very excited, it was a complete surprise! I’ve never won anything before and to me this was the perfect prize to win!

Perhaps you’ll be on a winning roll now then Rebecca! What draws you to go to Mannings throughout the year?

Where do I start? Mannings never lets me down! It has fantastic cocktails, a really friendly team, delicious dishes and a relaxed atmosphere in stylish surroundings. I’ve been going to Mannings for years, it’s a great place to be!

We’re happy to hear it! What was your favourite part of your stay with us?

That’s a hard question; can I say all of it? I love food so perhaps the delicious dinner!


We like tasty food too, what did you have for dinner and what are your favourite dishes?

We started with pork terrine and Moroccan chutney, which we shared, we had to leave room for dessert after all! For my main I had one of my all time favourite dishes, tempura chicken, while my husband enjoyed a juicy rib eye steak! The steak was one of the best my husband had ever had, which coming from a beef farmer is high praise indeed! For pudding he had the gooey sticky toffee while I had the white and dark chocolate parfait, it was delicious!

Thank you for the compliment! What makes a great weekend for you?

I like to catch up with friends and family and spend time with my husband who works extremely hard! As it’s colder in the evenings getting cosy with a glass of wine and a roaring fire is the perfect combination…

Sounds great! What tips would you give for making the most of a weekend?

Well everyone’s different but I’m definitely a planner. I like to make the most of my weekends as I work two out of four every month. It’s good to have something to look forward to on a weekend off, like a trip to Mannings!

Why is Truro a great place to be on a weekend?

Truro has everything, not only is it a beautiful city, but it has such a great variety of shops, from small independent boutiques to large chain stores. There are loads of bars, restaurants and cafés to take a well-earned shopping break, have lunch with a friend or celebrate with a dinner. It has a great atmosphere in the festive season; I especially love the Christmas market!

What makes the Mannings Weekender break so special?

Being able to relax right in the middle of the city of Truro, in a comfortable and stylish room after a hard day shopping! You can’t beat it!

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