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Mannings Mademoiselle – Celine

This month we spoke to Celine (our very own French mademoiselle!) in our tasty Mannings restaurant to ask her a few questions…

Hi Celine! How long have you worked at Mannings?

Hi! I’ve been at Mannings since 2001, so nearly 15 years.

So you must really enjoy your job! What do you like most about working at Mannings?

I love the atmosphere, there’s always such a positive vibe in the restaurant. The customers are great and they make it such a pleasurable experience. Another thing I like about working at Mannings is the fact we serve such good food; it feels fantastic to see people’s faces when you put a great dish in front of them.

Mannings has a reputation for exceptional customer service, what’s the secret to that?

I think it’s that we pay so much attention to detail. We care about the little things and we listen to our customers so we can always make the customer experience better.

What do you like to do with yourself when you’re not at Mannings?

I have two girls so I love spending time with them on my days off. We like to go for long walks on the beach, arts and crafts, as well as dancing and singing to pop music around the house.

Are you from Cornwall originally?

I’m actually from Dinard in Brittany, but I’ve been in England for the past 22 years.

Wow, so you’re an actual French mademoiselle! If you start a night out on the town with dinner and drinks at Mannings, what would you have?

I’d begin with a bottle of ‘sparkly’ to kick the night off, before having the Mannings Tapas to start and a fish from the specials menu as the main.

What are your favourite days out in Cornwall?

I love exploring new places, so anywhere where we can ha ve an adventure! I’ve been in Cornwall for 22 years and there are still loads of places for me to discover!