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Mannings Men: Bar Manager Sam Spencer

Mannings Bar Manager Sam Spencer gives us the inside mix on life on both sides of the bar:

Tell us a bit about yourself Sam, how long have you been working in bars and mixing cocktails?

I have been working in bars and restaurants for 5 years now, I moved to Mannings to work on my ‘mixing’ 8 months ago. I love it, and I feel we are putting out some really great cocktails!

What’s your favourite drink and why?

That’s a hard one! My favourite drink would have to be an ‘old fashioned’; the amount of time and love that goes in to making one of these properly makes it more than just a drink, it’s a work of art.

Tell us about the Mannings signature cocktails? 

We are working on some great new signature cocktails behind the bar at the moment, an old favourite amongst customers is the ‘Chelsea Rose’, a really refreshing fruity gin based cocktail.

A new one that has been becoming increasingly popular amongst the locals is the ‘Apple Crumble Martini’, we use home made vanilla syrup, cloudy apple juice, vodka, Disaronno and cinnamon.

If you had to create a ‘Truro’ cocktail….what would the ingredients be and why?

A tough one, if I could make a cocktail in relevance to Truro and Cornwall as a whole, I would personally choose a Bloody Mary. It’s a classy number with a few added extras: vodka, rosemary infused vodka, lemon, Cornish sea salt and black pepper. To garnish I would simply add a slice of lemon and a celery stick.

On the other side of the bar, what’s your secret for a memorable night out?

I have a few key things for a night out. Predominantly it would be good

company, and secondly I’m a huge fan of a good tequila, which makes a great start to any night out!