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Meet: Scotty our Sous Chef

This month we’re introducing Scotty, our Sous Chef! Scotty’s a big hit at Mannings, he’s talented in the kitchen, friendly and nice to the front of house team (you’ll find no hint of Gordon Ramsay here)

Hey Scotty! It’s great to chat with you, tell us about your background:

I’ve been cheffing for 12 years in a variety of different places, I’ve travelled around but I moved back to Cornwall because all of my family lives here now and I have a family of my own.

What’s your favourite dish when you eat out?

Anything with pasta, I’m a big fan of classic French and Italian food!

What do you enjoy drinking?

I really enjoy my craft beers but you can’t beat a good red wine with dinner, something like a nice rich Argentinian Malbec!

What is your favourite dish on the Mannings menu?

It’s a tough one! I really love the duck special; orange glazed duck breast and beetroot puree accompanied with orange and port syrup but I also seriously love the Massaman Curry, it has such a unique nutty flavour! Am I allowed two?

OK, because it’s you we’ll give you special treatment! What’s the best meal you’ve ever had?:

I ate an 8 course tasting menu in a contemporary Japanese restaurant in London called ‘Zuma’ – it was the best dining experience of my life!

What do you enjoy most about working at Mannings?

The team – everyone is brilliant and great fun! We’re all in it together, working hard and intensely passionate about all that we do which is why the Mannings cuisine works, because the team culture supports it and we pull together to create the finest flavours for our customers.

Thanks for the interview Scotty, great to get to know you better!