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Our Top Five Ice Cream Eating Spots in Truro

If you’re coming to Cornwall, it’s likely you’ll experience some of our famous clotted cream ice cream at some point, or at least we hope you will! We’ve compiled the list of our favourite ice cream eating spots in our cobblestoned capital city.

Truro Cathedral

Truro’s cathedral is an iconic part of the city, the only cathedral in the county and a truly magnificent building. Standing tall with three spires visible from miles around, the cathedral is a perfect example of gothic revival architecture. Sit under some shady trees on a nearby bench and watch the pigeons saunter around the grand steps while you eat a pot of strawberry ice cream.

Penrose Water Gardens

Just on the outskirts of Truro resides Penrose Water Gardens. Set within an enchanting woodland valley, you’ll enjoy a gentle walk around the stunning Lilly ponds. It’s a beautiful day out in the summer and we think pared with a chocolate ice cream it could make for one of the most tranquil places in Cornwall.

Boscawen Park

Boscawen Park is a classic vanilla ice cream venue, complete with flower bed arrangements and children’s play areas. Just opposite the park is a duck pond if you fancy feeding them some bird-friendly treats. Boscawen Park spans an extremely large area, housing eight tennis courts, a cricket pitch and three football pitches—plenty of space to unwind with a taste of Cornwall.

Hall for Cornwall

This may seem like an unusual choice, but taking in some West-End theatre with a pot of Cornish ice cream sounds like heaven to us! Alternatively, why not enjoy a show at the theatre then come back to ours for some late night ice cream – we serve desserts so you can watch the night-time hustle and bustle from the warmth of our vibrant restaurant and bar.

Mannings Restaurant

At Mannings we offer some of the best flavours of Cornish ice cream to be found. Supplied by Cornish ice cream makers Roskilly’s, finish off a sumptuous meal with a selection of ice creams and sorbets. Here at Mannings we like to keep things fresh so we regularly update our flavours.