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‘The Weekender’ Social Profiles


The Weekender is bringing a wonderful mixture of revelers to Truro; see if you can spot these prominent personalities when next at Mannings:

The cosmopolitan: Fluid throughout the city and as comfortable exploring the high street with the girls/guys as they are drinking cocktails with the girls/guys, shooting the breeze with the girls/guys, having a female-only night out with the girls/gu-oh wait…

La artiste: Truro? C’est bon! The cathedral city brings out a certain joie de vivre in arty and cultural types. Especially an introspective, creative coffee in the famous Mannings corner seat with the piazza statues in view.

The down-to-businessperson: More often than not in a make-or-break conference at Merchant House or a working lunch in our restaurant. Hear them talk contracts over a chilled Muscat, results over risotto croquettes…