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Valentine’s Day in Truro – What to Buy for your Significant Other

Here at Mannings, we love an opportunity to indulge in a little romance… So pull up a chair and let us tell you our favourite gifts for a special someone this Valentines Day…

Put a Ring on it!

Our sparkly friends at Michael Spiers have organised a special arrangement for those who want to combine a delicious dinner at Mannings and might want to pop more than just a special bottle of champagne open… Keep your eyes peeled for more info!

A Spicy Date Night

We believe in taking the time to reconnect over a delicious dinner, flirt over seductive cocktails and get intimate with some massage oils… So why not book our Mannings Date Night package for some time soon and treat your significant other to a little somethin’ somethin’ to look forward to? Take a look, here.

Let Someone Else do the Work!

If you don’t fancy giving your arms a workout this Valentine’s Day, why not book someone a massage and show them what they mean to you? Let them be revitalised by hot stones, leave their tension behind on the massage table and be returned to you happy and rejuvenated – minimum effort, maximum result!

Plan a Year’s Worth of Date Nights

Take a jar, get some coloured bits of paper and colour code them for different price ranges. Write a host of different dates on them dependent on their price bracket and let your significant other draw one out of the pot a couple of times a month dependent on your financial circumstance – from a picnic on the beach to a break in the city – they’re sure to love it!

Give them an Aphrodisiac…

Here at Mannings we offer a whole host of tasty dishes to suit anybody’s tastes, some of them might even get you in the mood to skip dessert… However, we’d highly recommend you don’t miss out on the sticky toffee pudding!

Whatever you do this Valentine’s Day, we’d love to know! Head on over to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page and show us your Valentine’s dinner at Mannings or your favourite present from your partner, we’d love to see!