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Why it’s Important to Wake up in the Right Way…

We’ll admit it, we’re all guilty of skipping breakfast occasionally, but Mannings prides itself on its excellent breakfast spreads, and this month we wanted to highlight just how important that first meal of the day really is…

Brain Food

When you sleep at night, your body and brain experiences an overnight fast, so the fuel you give it in the morning is really important. Ever wondered why it’s called breakfast? Just separate the word, break – fast, breaking the fast! Nutritionists recommend that you eat within the first two hours of waking and that your breakfast should include around 20-35% of your daily calories following your guideline daily allowance.

Get the Nutrients In

Breakfast foods are full of important nutrients which are essential to the body. Calcium, iron, B vitamins and proteins and fibres can all be found in breakfast food and there’s been research conducted which shows that if you miss breakfast you’re less likely to be able to compensate for this loss of nutrients later in the day. Why not complement breakfast with a glass of orange juice or some chopped banana in order to really kick-start the vitamin rush?

Keep the Pounds Off

Research has also shown that people who eat breakfast are less likely to be overweight as they tend not to purge hunger with fatty and high sugar foods later in the day!

Cognitive Function

Ever feel like you can’t quite remember what you were supposed to be doing? Have you had breakfast? Studies show that breakfast restores glucose levels which are essential for the brain to function. It can help to optimise memory and concentration levels, as well as lowering stress and improving your general mood to make you happier, who wouldn’t want that?

Here at Mannings our new breakfast menu is a delicious affair, whether you’re having a selection of continental delicacies or you’re ordering hot dishes off the menu, we’ll make sure you’re ready to seize the day! If you’re looking for a chic place to host a business breakfast, why not give us a call and book a table to make sure you and your peers have a professional setting with a tasty menu. Take a look at what we offer for breakfast, here.