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Why We Love Local

Here at Mannings we use bountiful amounts of local produce meaning that your dishes are always delivered to you bursting with fresh Cornish tastes. There are plenty of reasons to love local produce, but we’ve listed our top perks to sourcing our food as close as we can.

Supporting Local Businesses

We all know that it’s great to support local businesses where we can, it helps the local economy as well as ensuring everyone gets a fair price for their products. We don’t mind paying a little more for our locally sourced produce if it means you’re getting a tastier dish and we’ve supported a local business.

We Know Where It Comes From

One of the other great things about buying local produce is that we know where the products have come from and we can build a nice relationship with our local suppliers. For instance, our meat comes from the Brian Etherington Meat Co. – a prolific butcher that houses Cornwall’s only butchery academy. We get some gorgeous pieces of Tregullow Ruby Red, Dexter and Aberdeen Angus beef, lamb, free-range turkeys and chickens. Another perk to the Brian Etherington Meat Co. is their company ethos to be as green and ethical as possible!

It’s Always Good Quality

We trust our local suppliers and we know the produce we’re going to get will be to the highest standard on offer. No matter what the season, or what we order, we’ll only be sent the very best ingredients.

It’s Just that little bit Tastier

We have quite the reputation for our Truro dining experience and so we want to uphold that all the way. The produce we use, whether it’s fresh veg from a farmer’s field nearby, fish from the catch of that day or cream from the dairy Gods of Cornwall, Rodda’s, will always be carefully crafted by our chefs into something incredibly mouth-watering and ensure our guests leave satisfied!

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