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Why we Love our New Menu


Here at Mannings, our chefs have been working to compile our new menu; after testing out what gives just the right amount of spice and how to make our puddings even more moreish, we’re ready to announce some of our favourites. 

We still offer our top quality locally sourced produce, but now we’ve given our menu some extra pizazz. To start, you could try our Moroccan spiced slow braised lamb terrine, or why not opt for the Thai style chicken nori rolls. For vegetarians we offer Camembert, soup, or a vegetarian tapas tasting platter to pique the senses.

We have a host of items available from our grill menu, which come with a choice of sauces. Perhaps you’ll try our hand cut fillet beef steak with a port wine jus, or a west country lamb fillet steak with garlic and rosemary butter. For chicken lovers we have a piri piri spiced chicken burger which we find particularly enticing…

We’ve got some specialist dishes on offer too; why not try the sizzling platter of the day, or our crispy chilli beef with vermicelli salad. For those who love a taste of the orient, why not awaken the taste buds to a sense of Asia with our chefs’ classic tempura.

No meal out is complete without a pudding and our dessert menu is no afterthought. Try our duo of homemade cheesecakes made up of a strawberry cheesecake brûlée and glazed clotted cream cheesecake – scone crumble and strawberry jam. Coffee lovers may venture towards our homemade cappuccino profiteroles whilst the homemade white and dark chocolate iced parfait with hazelnut honeycomb is a sensual after dinner treat.

We know, the puddings sound too good to choose just one… So we’ve created the dessert sharing platter which sees all our sexy delicacies on one plate for your enjoyment. P.s – You don’t actually have to share it.